How do we evaluate this site?


At very first blush, it looks good. Stefano tells me that we can do everything via email, which was a problem for some of the Joomla forum extensions.


I haven’t found a way to send me emails when new topics are posted. Yahoo also has a daily digest option, which some club members use.


Alright, let’s try things out (some of this is new to me too :slight_smile:) There are a lot of different things to try out:

  • the periodic digest,
  • the start a new thread via email,
  • the reply to an existing thread via email
  • the receiving of emails for each new message on an existing thread

Did I miss something?

This reply of mine should get to you via email: if you start a new thread, you’re automatically subscribed to it, meaning you should get emails for each new post. Did you get an email with this message? If so, try to reply via email and let’s see what happens.

To start a new thread, I have setup an email account that will start one in the specific category #dinghy-sailing Email and let’s see what happens (I tried and it worked).

As for the periodic digest, head to your user preferences and look at the preferences: Activity Summary is the old ‘digest’, while Mailing List Mode is more the send me an email for every new message on the forum. At least that’s how I interpret it :slight_smile:

Let’s try this out…